I am Shripad Dharkar, a Doctorate in Food Technology from the University of Mumbai, India. During the course of  long career of 60 years in the food industry, I was instrumental in developing a number of innovative packaged foods one of which is “MANGOLA”, a mango pulp drink which is the most popular mango drink in the Mumbai market. I was also closely involved in research in preserving of fruits and vegetables by Gamma Irradiation for which I was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy (Tech)  by the University of Mumbai.

After calling my career a day, I started to write science fiction and other strange stories, which I would like to post in this blog. I do hope that my readers will come to appreciate the tales. Your feedback is very welcome.


Author: strangetalesblog

I completed a ripe age of 94 years in 2016. I am a Doctorate in Food Technology and have had a long diverse career of 60 years in the Food industry in India. I turned to writing science fiction and other tales as a second career post retiring. Some of these stories were appreciated well and I was awarded the "First Story" prize in the Science Reporter for 3 years running. I am blogging some of these stories and hope that you would like them. Your feedback is most welcome. Thank you.

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